12th March 2018 – New Leadership Accomplishment

Opening The meeting started one minute earlier than expected (all thanks to our very enthusiastic SAA). A strong audience of 22 filled the venue as the TME kick started the meeting with high energy. The word of the day was “Elucidate”. Its definition is: to make something clear or to explain something clearly. An example... Continue Reading →


5th March 2018 – The Very Square

Opening The meeting interestingly enough was really great , it started on time and despite the lack of attendance, the energy was high, there were no guest this time but it did not stop the energy from being high. A particular theme was set up and it was general simplicity whereby we get to know... Continue Reading →

26th February 2018 – Mid-Sem Break Meeting

Opening The final meeting of February began with a stable attendance and high energy (given that it is mid-semester break for the students). Returning guest Xander made his appearance after a short hiatus and he looks forward to returning again, next time as a member. Hurray! The word of the day was “dubious”. Its definition... Continue Reading →

5th February 2018 – Lovely Night

Opening The meeting started off with high energy as the Sergeant-at-arms took to the stage and people were happy and smiling and we saw old friends attending as guests for the meeting. After reciting the mission of the club and laying down the house rule, the floor was handed to the host and Toastmaster of... Continue Reading →

29th January 2018 – Marvelous Love

Opening The meeting started at 7.30pm with our first-time acting SAA, Nabil Abd Kadir, who kicked off the meeting with high energy! Well done Nabil! The word of the day was “well-timed”. Its definition is: Occurring at an appropriate time, timely. An example of its use would be: His arrival at the meeting was well-timed.... Continue Reading →

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