25th December 2017 – The Last Meeting of 2017

Opening The meeting started on time which was 7:30p.m, and the attendance was good whereby there was a majority of the members came in except those who lived in KUALA BELAIT since they did not have any transportation and it was during a December, the energy was fairly low during the SAA introduction but I... Continue Reading →


18th December 2017 – Courage for Change

Opening The Toastmasters meeting at 18th December 2017, Monday started exactly at 7.30pm with high energy and lots of positivity. Most of the members turned up for the meeting along with 3 new guests. The theme of the meeting was “Courage” reflecting the coming New Year 2018 and the New Year’s resolutions. Hence, the courage... Continue Reading →

27th November 2017 – We Carry On

Opening Toastmaster of the evening Hilman here bringing you the meeting report! We borrowed the EduChamp Academic tuition school venue at Berakas as our usual venue was closed due to examination time. However that did not stop UBD Toastmasters from carrying on with the meeting, and carried on we did. Because of the examination period... Continue Reading →

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