9th April 2018 – Smiles All Around

Opening Welcome to another episode of UBD Toastmasters with your host, Farhan. Today we’ll be looking at a hyper active crowd with insightful lessons coming in from all who spoke. The word of the day was “abide”. Its definition is: to follow the rules. An example of its use would be: “The school abides by a creative set of... Continue Reading →


9th April 2018 – Deadlines Won’t Stop Us

Opening It’s that time of the year again. Assignments, deadlines, basically the time when university students start panicking. Hence, the turnout was quite low in this meeting. Nevertheless, it was a fruitful one. The word of the day was hiatus. Its definition is: a short pause in which nothing happens or is said, or a... Continue Reading →

19th March 2018 – The Meeting of Superheroes

Opening The Toastmasters Meeting on 19th March 2018, kick-started exactly at 7.30pm at a very high energy level. The members turned up for the meeting were great with 5 guests attending the meeting. They were 2 students from Polytechnic and 3 students from UBD. The theme of the meeting revolved around ‘Choices and Decisions’, reflecting... Continue Reading →

5th March 2018 – The Very Square

Opening The meeting interestingly enough was really great , it started on time and despite the lack of attendance, the energy was high, there were no guest this time but it did not stop the energy from being high. A particular theme was set up and it was general simplicity whereby we get to know... Continue Reading →

26th February 2018 – Mid-Sem Break Meeting

Opening The final meeting of February began with a stable attendance and high energy (given that it is mid-semester break for the students). Returning guest Xander made his appearance after a short hiatus and he looks forward to returning again, next time as a member. Hurray! The word of the day was “dubious”. Its definition... Continue Reading →

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