12th August 2019- Do Something

Meeting started on time at 7:30pm. We were greeted with four guests namely Syazlin and Kyle, who are freshies from UBD and the other two were our fellow Toastmasters Brendan Ti from BASC and Amran Jamaluddin from OTTERS. Our Sergeant At-Arms, Macalister Mak started our meeting by enthusiastically introducing the history of Toastmasters as well... Continue Reading →


5th August 2019- Stop and Listen

The 5th of August 2019 marks the second month into the new term. The semester has started and the club is as lively as ever. TM Dalton Lim, the acting Sergeant-At-Arms, kickstarted the meeting. The word of the day was “Evince”. Its definition is: reveal the presence of (a quality or feeling); indicate. An example... Continue Reading →

29 July 2019- Add Buffers to The System

The meeting started on time with a good number of attendees and one international exchange student from the United States of America! The energy of the meeting started off slow but quickly gain momentum and excitement with each session. The word of the day given by our Grammarian was “Extol”. Its definition is to praise... Continue Reading →

22nd July 2019- Small Things Matter

With three guests in attendance and contemporary music reverberating in the room, the meeting was off to a great start. The energy and interest piqued as the Toastmaster of the Evening conducted a short quiz on how well the audience knew the club. The word of the day was “flair”. Its definition is: a skill... Continue Reading →

24th June 2019 – The Last Meeting

This was the last meeting of the Toastmaster Term 2018/2019. The last meeting of the term to get everything right. Hey, it’s Macalister Mak, CL the toastmaster of the evening who didn’t know it was the last meeting of the term and didn’t get everything right. The things that went right was the energy of... Continue Reading →

10th June 2019 – Syawal Meeting

Hello readers, this is TME Hilman giving you the report on the first meeting of Syawal this year. Since we had only one speaker, to make use of the time and keep the energy up, a warm-up was conducted to liven up the meeting, which brings me to the thought of the day: Stay committed... Continue Reading →

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