18th June 2018 – Raya Festivities

Introduction Right from the moment entered inside the Chancellor Hall, Basement Room 2 (the room where UBD Toastmasters have their meeting every Monday at 07.30pm), the atmosphere is filled with warmth and excitement. The voices of all the gregarious members soaked the air with friendliness. The meeting started right on time, with SAA TM Dalton... Continue Reading →


11th June 2018 – Happiness, Cats and More

Introduction It was Ramadan season, there was sadly low attendance and everyone in the room was doing roles. The energy was also mediocre and people came late, inconveniently pushing the meeting back 5 minutes. Despite that, our Sergeant-at-arms Dalton Lim and me as Toastmaster of the Evening tried to uplift spirits with the opening speech... Continue Reading →

4th June 2018 – Getting Back To Basics

Introduction The meeting started a little bit low with energy but everyone was excited since we have a workshop on that day, since there are no table topic master and table topics evaluator, I decided to added pictures to every role players making it more interesting. There were laughter, anger and all in all fun.... Continue Reading →

28th May 2018 – Last Week Of Ramadhan

Introduction It is the last week of the Ramadan (fasting) season, so the atmosphere of the Chancellor Hall, Basement Room 2 was filled with slightly tired members rushing to the meeting right after breaking the fast. The members scurried about in a hurry, helping each other to fix the timing machine, the projector and the... Continue Reading →

21st May 2018 – A Night To Remember

Introduction A blessed Ramadhan! We are here again, having the TME Theressa Chong, CC, ALB to hold yet another festive meeting! With a filled belly, everyone was all ready to kick start another weekly Toastmasters meeting! The word of the day was Astute. It is an adjective which means, “clever”, “sharp”, or “smart”. An example... Continue Reading →

14th May 2018 – Exams Are Over

Introduction Hey there everybody, Exam season was over and we were back to our home location in UBD Chancellor Hall. The Meeting room was bustling with energy as most of the members were present as well as visiting members from other clubs. The word of the was “equipoise”. The definition of the word is a... Continue Reading →

7th May 2018 – Heart Strings

Introduction It was the second week of exam season in UBD so we are still conducting our weekly meeting at Icenter. Although there was a change in venue there were slightly more people attending, maybe because some of us finished out exams, thus the meeting was energetic. The thought of the day was "Relief Yourself... Continue Reading →

16th April 2018 – Smiles All Around

Opening Welcome to another episode of UBD Toastmasters with your host, Farhan. Today we’ll be looking at a hyper active crowd with insightful lessons coming in from all who spoke. The word of the day was “abide”. Its definition is: to follow the rules. An example of its use would be: “The school abides by a creative set of... Continue Reading →

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