8th April 2019 – Doing Something Better Than Nothing

It was Monday, 8th April at Progresif. The TME briefing was just done and so the meeting started right on time with good attendance. Our grammarian was Salih Jamaludin, CC, who wrote down “Verity” as the Word of the Day which means truth principle or belief. An example of its use is “I doubt the... Continue Reading →


1st April 2019 – A Zenith Meeting

It was another meeting at Progresif headquarters, but this meeting was a little different than the rest. Our Toastmaster of the evening Hilman added a little game where the role players gave statements of two truths and one lie about themselves and the audience member guesses the lie. The game tied in with the thought... Continue Reading →

25th March 2019 – Registering New Moments

Hi, hello! Wei here and here is this week’s meeting report. Walking into the brightly lit yet ambient meeting room on the second floor of the Progresif Headquarters, Gadong that has become our meeting venue for the past three weeks, music filled the air. From Hozier’s Cherry Wine to BTS’ Euphoria, the members welcomed guests... Continue Reading →

4th March 2019 – A Better World

Another exciting meeting as we gathered at a different venue (thank you Progresif)! The meeting saw three guests in attendance with one joining as a member at the end of the meeting. Woohoo!   The word of the day was “integral”. Its definition is: necessary to make a whole complete; essential or fundamental. An example... Continue Reading →

25th February 2019 – Glad To Be Here

Returning to Inspiring Hall gave us a lot of vivid memories as the first two years of UBD Toastmasters Club started most of their meetings in this room. The meeting started at 7:40pm. Despite low attendance, the energy of the meeting was vibrant! The word of the day was "auspicious", introduced by TM Ari Jeffry.... Continue Reading →

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