14th January 2019 – Happiness Everywhere

One by one, the guests slowly entered. Their facial expressions showed an interesting mixture of curiosity, a little hint of fear, but more prominently, a lot of excitement.   The word of the day was “truncate”. It is a verb that means to shorten or to replace. An example of its use will be: When... Continue Reading →


7th January 2010 – Happy New Year

It is a brand new year! Despite a different venue, we had a lively and cheerful atmosphere! The meeting started with the SAA, Salih Jamaludin by welcoming the members and guests with the introduction and history of Toastmasters International. We had three guests to add into the meeting as well! The word of the day... Continue Reading →

19th November 2018 – Insipid Med!

This week’s meeting kickstarted in a different venue because of exam season. However, this did not dampen the continuously escalating mood of the attending members as everyone continued to be in high spirits. The word of the day was Insipid. Its definition was: lacking flavour, weak or tasteless. An example of its use would be,... Continue Reading →

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