12th November 2018 – Immutable Education With A Mutable Location

Hey everyone this is your Toastmaster of the Evening, Zash, with the meeting report. It was the revision week in UBD and exams are just around the corner. Hence, we wish all students good luck! Today, we held our meeting at the CFBT meeting room in Beribi. The room we used was such a nice... Continue Reading →


5th November 2018 – Very Elated And Delighted!

Hello everyone! This is your Toastmaster of the Evening, Jonathan Tan, PM1 here to deliver the report for our meeting on 5th November, 2018. As usual, the meeting started on time but due to exams coming up, students were busy studying so there were not a lot of members and guests attending. However, that did... Continue Reading →

8th October 2018 – 4 Years Old

What a wonderful meeting it was! We had members from other clubs of Brunei and guests to join us in this celebration of the meeting. The Toastmaster of the Evening was TM Dalton Lim. The word of the day “extol” was given by TM Ihzash Ahmed. Its definition is: highly regard, praise or glorify. An... Continue Reading →

1st October 2018 – The Difference, The Care

It is the very first meeting after the mid-semester break and the first thing everyone would notice as they walk into the meeting room is the warm cheerful music playing at the background. The toastmasters members bustled about to help each roleplayers with their duties, while calling out shouts of encouragements to the nervous speakers.... Continue Reading →

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