10th September 2018 – A Fresh Start

Good day everyone, this is the TME Macalister Mak, CL here to share the highlights of this meeting. As usual, the meeting started on time with our SAA of the night, Salih Jamaluddin, CC. There were a total of five guests that night. From the five, three of them attempted table topics! The word of... Continue Reading →


3rd September 2018 – Lively Meeting

Such a lively meeting it was! We had three returning guests and one visiting Toastmaster from Bali to add in a different flavour to this meeting. The Toastmaster of the Evening’s goal was to start the meeting on time and end it on time. Verdict at the end of the night: goal achieved.   The... Continue Reading →

6th August 2018 – Lose And Learn

Today's meeting started on time at 7.30pm. Our Sergeant-At-Arms opened the meeting to a pleasantly large number of both members and guests! Our Grammarian Julius Hong introduced the Word of the Day, "Amiable", which is a synonym for adjectives like "friendly" and "warm". An example would be "Salih is a very amiable individual." The thought... Continue Reading →

30th July 2018 – Take A Breather

Hello everyone! this is your first time Toastmaster of the Evening, Jonathan Tan, reporting on this week’s meeting. As this is the beginning of a new semester, we had a huge influx of guests visiting the club which mostly consisted of university freshies from various faculties and majors! As usual the meeting started on time... Continue Reading →

16th July 2018 – Trust The Process

Opening The meeting was opened by our Sergeant at Arms, Malik Som, PM1, who is already starting to get the hang of the role! Everyone was welcomed with the thought of the day which was “Trust The Process”. It’s normal to feel like the path you are on will lead you nowhere, and it’s normal... Continue Reading →

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